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Kaine helps everyday Australian’s achieve their full financial potential. From establishing a new investment for a new investor to full management for the experienced, Kaine works to provide complete investment management solutions for his clients meaning less work for you. As part of his service he looks to make sure his clients are protected in the right way, so that when you fall upon hard times your insurances are covering you correctly. The conversations Kaine has involves thorough investigation into what is important to you and provides calculations fitting the potential effects an unfortunate passing, disabling injury, or events such as heart attack, cancers, or a stroke can have on your life, your income, or even your family and debts.

Kaine is a successful sportsman and a keen mind well-suited for the financial world. He prides himself on his skills in various sporting codes playing various sports including soccer since 1992. When it comes to Financial Planning and Insurance he takes his job seriously exploring every option and understanding every piece of research so that you are always given the right options. Kaine is a passionate Manchester United supporter who enjoys travelling, fitness, and Formula 1.

Give Kaine a call today, you never know how he can help you, a friend, or a colleague, with an investment portfolio or a tailored insurance strategy.


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