Our Fees

Financial planning

Finlife Advice tailors financial plans to suit the individual situations of our clients and we charge a set fee (plus GST) for spending the time to develop strategies that suit your situation. The costs associated with producing a financial plan may be tax deductible (depending upon your circumstances) which will reduce the cost to you significantly.

We have three cost levels of financial plans:




Total financial planning service

'Total Service Client'

  • Prepare Financial Plan

  • Implement strategies

  • Review investments regularly

  • Comprehensive review annually

  • Advise when required

  • Administer financial products (Superannuation | Investments | Insurances)

  • No adviser fees or commissions charged on managed investments

  • Fees for Adviser-Managed Investments

$3,500 + GST

and $275 + GST per month

Starter Financial Plan

Prepare basic Financial Plan and implement strategies

$2,500 + GST

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Prepare comprehensive Financial Plan and implement strategies

$3,850 + GST

Personal Risk Management Plan

  •  Prepare Risk Management Plan

  • If strategies are implemented, plan fee is refunded

$1,500 + GST

Financial Planning Advice

Specific research or advice as required

$275 per hour + GST

Insurance, Investment and superannuation

For most insurance products, investments, and superannuation investment products, we may receive a commission. These commissions vary, depending on the company, the product, and other factors.

The range of commissions are detailed in the Finlife Financial Services Guide (FSG).

Each situation is different. If we prepare a comprehensive financial plan for you and provide total service, we will not charge any commissions on investments.

The actual commissions for each product we recommend will be clearly itemised in your Statement of Advice in your financial plan.