Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

Taking the first step

The first step is to complete the Needs Analysis Questionnaire to help us determine your unique investment approach based on our strategies. This detailed questionnaire contains all the information we need to form a view of your financial position today and what your target is for the future.

The Finlife Advice Support Team will go through the questionnaire point by point with you in order to determine your current position, your goals, your preferences for investment and your risk profile.

Professional care, quality advice

Your allocated Wealth Adviser (who is a fully qualified Financial Planner) will then get together with you, go through our draft recommendations and discuss our approach with you.

Your Investment Plan

Your Finlife Advice Support Team will formulate an initial Statement of Advice (our investment recommendations) tailored to your needs. As you would expect, they focus on high performance techniques for Property, Shares, Managed Funds, International Funds, Insurance & Superannuation. This document is the starting point for you to invest with us. However, financial planning is a collaborative venture and over your time as a client, our team is available to further hone your strategy.

Everything you need to build

Finlife Advice Support Team can assist you with Property Investment,  Finance, Share Portfolio Management (buy and sell recommendations that will help you build a balanced, high growth portfolio), selecting and balancing managed funds and international funds. The team can also assist with building a future nest egg and assist you in the protection of you and your family through Insurance and Estate Planning.

A coach, mentor and adviser

Your Finlife Advice Adviser  acts as coach and mentor, giving advice and encouragement on all your investment questions. The team also provides regular progress performance updates of your investments, in addition to fine tuning and tweaking your investment strategy to target improved results.