About Us

About us

Finlife was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly since based on our philosophy “The Client Comes First Approach” we now find alot of second generation clients now being advised by the firm through their parents introductions which is a testament to our team.

When your a client of Finlife is more than just a transaction you become one of the family.We have helped many our clients in very difficult times with over $8,000,000 successful Insurance claims which was recommended by our team.

We don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you knowing your families financial future is secure at Finlife because we care.

Specialist Wealth Building investment

Our investment strategy is different.  It’s designed to build your asset base and generate income with a degree of risk. For example, residential property generally has lower growth than shares, but it is generally accepted as lower risk in the short term. Shares have higher income and growth than property, but it is acknowledged that they present a higher risk short term. Neither is inherently superior as many people make out – you need to have balance.

Some wealthy people are actually quite conservative investors. They became rich by buying quality assets with good growth potential and holding onto them.

This balanced approach means that, if followed, assets can be built relatively quickly – 10 to 15 years. At the same time, it allows for income and a small amount being set aside for trading or speculation.

This strategy is a “get-rich-safely” approach. But it still means the average person could potentially retire on a relatively handsome income within 10 to 15 years. Some will take a bit longer, and some (who may have already built up a quality asset base) can take much less time.

Advising and building your wealth

Your Finlife Advice Support Team is here to help. The role of the team is to work with you to help achieve your goals. We are also constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for you.

Our constant support and encouragement which involves a check in with you on a regular basis. The  Finlife Advice Support Team helps with the day to day issues that face you – the selection of

Investments, insurance, property, shares, finance and superannuation.

More control

It all helps give you a clearer direction for your future.  Direction and control to know where you are going and that the result will be a positive one.

The team at  Finlife Advice supports you with ongoing coaching over the period of being a client and assists in the implementation of your Wealth Plan – a procedure that is simple and practical to follow.

A new vision and a simple action plan

You’ll be challenged to think outside the square when planning your future. You’ll be forced to look at your investment strategy and your life from a totally new perspective.

Turn dreams and goals into achievable results You’ll most likely develop a plan, sharpen your focus, which over time, could potentially provide you with all the security and financial freedom that wealth makes possible.